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Hi, My name is Nyko!

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Location: Chandler, AZ, 85224
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Age: 2
Color/Coat Type: Smooth Coat Black with White Markings
Size: 50 pounds
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: None

Nyko is:
Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, Litter Trained, House Broken, Leash Trained, Obedience Trained

Nyko gets along with:


Nyko is sweet, loving, super affectionate. Loves attention and cuddling, playing tug of war with his rope toy, and walking/hiking. Nyko is very trainable, and responds well to treat-based training. He already knows sit and come, and will wait for your command before he eats from his dish, even if another dog is around him and already eating. More than anything, he wants to be around and with people.

He is great with kids – absolutely adores kids of all ages. He is playful and enjoys physical activity. I use a nose harness when I take him on walks or trail runs and that stops him from “pulling” too much. If you have the time to spend with him, he could easily leash train He makes the cutest noises when he’s trying to get your attention or communicate with you. For a large dog, he has a surprising “little dog” bark – it’s really cute, actually.

5 Great Things About Nyko

He’s incredibly affectionate
He makes us laugh with his funny “talking” noises
He’s a lot of fun to play tug-of-war with – he’s super strong and will play for hours if you have the energy
He’s smart and enjoys training and treats
He absolutely adores children

Current Home

We have a single family home with a backyard and pool. he and his buddy Stewie (our other dog) have a custom bench/kennel that they can get into through the doggie door during the daytime. Stewie isn’t house broken so we don’t allow them in the house without supervision. There is a large gazebo type structure in the back yard that they crawl under, and they stash all their toys there as well. They have a dog house on the back patio also.

Current Family

We have a hectic life – two teenage sons (16 and 13), two full time working adults, lots of school activities, etc. The kids are with their dad two weeks out of the month, and between that and all their activities, they h either. aren’t able to spend enough time with the dogs. My youngest has a severe allergy to pets also, so we can no longer have them in the house as much either.

Favorite Toys Foods and Activities

Nyko loves his rope toy, and thinks rawhide bones are the best thing ever. He likes going for walks and is great on trails and hikes such as South Mountain. His favorite activity is lying on the couch, getting cuddles from his human(s). He’s happiest when he can be with people. He’ll follow you from room to room when he’s in the house, and likes to sleep on the bed or couch.

Food and Diet

Nyko is currently on Hills Science Diet

Reason For Rehoming

My youngest son recently went through allergy testing and he’s severely allergic to dogs and cats. In addition, my husband works six days a week right now, and I just started a new job that is requiring 12-14 hour workdays. My oldest son is involved with marching band and drumline, plus volunteering and working part-time, and just does not have the time between school and band to spend time with the dogs. We simply are just not at home and do not have the time to devote to them like they deserve. They are bored and lonely and need a family that can give them quality time and attention.

Best New Home For Nyko

We are looking for a home where Nyko could get lots of attention and love. He also needs to have playtime and exercise. A family with younger kids who can love on him and give him cuddles would be great. As long as he is with someone who can give him the time and love he deserves, we’d be happy.

How to Adopt Nyko

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