Smooth Fox Terrier Dog Breed Information Guide


Originally bred for hunting purposes, the Fox Terrier is an adorable and charming little fellow, who was earned himself a place as a favored pet in many households. His comical antics and outgoing personality endear him in the hearts of all who meet him and, available in two different hair types and various different sizes, there seems to be a Fox Terrier for everyone.

Smooth Fox Terrier History

No one can say for certain, how the Smooth Fox Terrier came to be, as the breed’s development has been relatively undocumented throughout the centuries. The earliest reference to the Smooth Fox Terrier came about in 1790, when a man, named Colonel Thornton, had a painting done of his Fox Terrier, Pitch. Following this, the Smooth Fox Terrier began to gain popularity and, by the mid 1800s, he began to show up in the show ring. The Smooth Fox Terrier was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) along with its sister breed, the Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, in 1885. The together, the two breeds were simply known as the Fox Terrier. It would take another hundred years before the two varieties were recognized a separate breeds.

While they were once considered to be the same breed, many enthusiasts now believe that the two are completely separate – the Wire Fox Terrier being a descendant of the Rough-coated Black and Tan Terrier, whereas the Smooth-coated Fox Terrier is believed to be descended from the Smooth Black and Tan, as well as the Beagle and Bull Terrier. Regardless of his ancestors however, we do know that the fox terrier was created for the sole purpose of hunting fox, a job in which she does exceptionally well.

Smooth Fox Terrier Appearance

The Fox Terrier is a solidly built little dog, without being cobby or too stocky, as he had to be able to keep up with the other hounds when hunting game. He is well proportioned and leanly muscular with an engaging, ready to go attitude. Standing no more than 15.5 inches tall at the shoulder, it’s often said that they’re big dog in a small dog’s body.

Fox Terriers can be piebald in color, tri colored, or extreme white, with small amounts of pigment in the head and tail regions. They possess a unique wedge-shaped head, with alert pricked v-shaped ears. Their eyes, bright and filled with expression, are usually dark in color and compliment the body color.

Smooth Fox Terrier Temperament

The Fox Terrier is a very loving and happy companion, making him a wonderful pet for for either the single adult or the family with children. Quick to sound off at strange noises, he makes a very good watchdog, and let’s not forget his intended duties as a courageous soul, willing to go down into the foxhole and flush out the game so that the hunt may continue. For this reason, not only can he be a charming lap dog, but he must also have the stamina and the courage needed for the job he was intended to do.

Smooth Fox Terrier Exercise Info

Because of the work he was bred to do, the Fox Terrier is a very high energy dog. Failing to give him the exercise that he requires can lead to destructive behavior, such as chewing, digging, or in some cases he can even become the proverbial “yappy dog.” While many Fox Terriers have limited eyesight, and don’t do well playing games of fetch, they do very well in agility training and enjoy a good game of tug of war. If you intend to get a Fox Terrier, it’s highly suggested the you either have a fenced in backyard or prepared to walk your dog for a total of no less than 1 hour per day.

Smooth Fox Terrier Grooming Info

Grooming the Smooth-Coated Fox Terrier is a breeze! All he requires is a weekly brushing to remove any dead hair and dander, and his coat will be nice and shiny for you.

One particular thing to note is that, due to the pricked and folded ears of the Fox Terrier, it’s important to check their ears regularly and ensure there’s no dirt or wax buildup, which can lead to a nasty infection.

Another good idea is investing in some dental chew toys or treats to help strengthen your Fox Terrier’s teeth. He’ll love you for it!

Smooth Fox Terrier Training Info

Training the Fox Terrier takes patience and consistency. Learning best from short repetitive lessons, these intelligent canines tend to get bored if you make the lessons too long and will be eager to wander off on you. Keep things short and fun, and you’ll find your Fox Terrier quick and willing to learn!

Smooth Fox Terrier Health Info

The Smooth Fox Terrier is generally a very healthy breed on the genetic level. They can often be quite long-lived, nearing almost 20 years of age and often stay quite playful and frisky, well into their old age. They have been known to suffer a variety of eye problems, however, and should be checked regularly by their veterinarian.

Some health concerns of the Fox Terrier include, but are not limited to:

Luxating patellas
Legge-Perthes disease
Shoulder dysplasia
Myasthenia Gravis

Smooth Fox Terrier Right Breed Info

The Smooth Coated Fox Terrier is a wonderful pet and companion animal, though he’s not the dog for everyone. Before purchasing your Fox Terrier puppy, please keep in mind that they are high energy dogs and do require a lot of work to keep them happy. Failure to do so can lead to chewed shoes, scratched doors and pitted back yards.

If you do have the time to spend on one of these magnificent little dogs, they make outstanding four-legged friends and you may find that the Fox Terrier is the perfect pet for you!

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