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Akbash Dog Dog Breed Information Guide

Unrecognized by the AKC or CKC, one might expect the Akbash dog to be a relatively new breed. However, this unique white guardian dog is considered to be in ancient and pure breed and is accepted by the UKC (United Kennel Club). Known for their courage and their loyalty, they’re highly prized as a guardian for the flocks.

Akbash Dog History

Like so many of the other ancient breeds, the Akbash dog’s true origins remain uncertain. Possessing both qualities of the Mastiff or Drover breeds, as well as qualities of the athletic gaze hounds, one can only speculate what all went into creating this magnificent breed. During the 1970s, two Americans by the names of David and Judy Nelson, began to study these unique Turkish dogs and eventually imported more than 40 of them into the United States. That would be these dogs that would serve as the foundation stock for the Akbash dog breed throughout North America. On January 1, 1998, the Akbash dog was recognized by the United Kennel Club.


Akbash Dog Appearance

The Akbash Dog is a very unique individual, possessing obvious qualities of both the gazehound and Mastiff breeds. From the gazehound, he inherited the long and slender legs, tucked up flanks and deep chest which grants both speed and agility. From the Mastiff, we can see the obvious height and weight of the Akbash dog, as well as a broad and massive head. Together, it’s no wonder that this breed of dog is highly prized as a livestock guardian.

The proper Akbash head is large and wedge-shaped, with pendant type ears and wide set, almond-shaped eyes. The ears on Turkish-bred dogs may or may not be cropped, but this is only permissible in dogs that are imported from Turkey. His nose leather should be either black or dark brown in color and while his eye rims should match his nose, the Akbash dogs’ eyelashes are always white.

The Akbash is only found in the color white, yet his skin is either blue gray, or mottled pink and black, with true albinos being disqualified according to breed standard. Their coat can be found in one of two types, either medium or long coat, and is always white in color.

Akbash Dogs are massive in size, commonly reaching heights of up to 34 inches at the shoulder, and capable of weighing up to 130 pounds as adults.


Akbash Dog Temperament

While he was originally bred for the purpose of guarding and protecting livestock, the Akbash dog is equally capable of protecting a home or enjoying a comfortable lifestyle as a companion animal. Known for his gentle demeanor and loyalty towards his family, the Akbash is said to be very affectionate towards his family and all other members of the household, including other pets. He can however the rather aloof and wary of strangers, making him an ideal watchdog.


Akbash Dog Exercise Info

Contradictory to his long legs and large size, the Akbash dog does not require as much exercise as one might think. If anything, mature Akbash tend to tire fairly easily and enjoy spending a good amount of time simply resting and relaxing. Younger Akbash dogs do enjoy the opportunity to run and stretch their legs. To keep your Akbash dog fit and trim, however, it’s suggested that they have access to either a fenced in yard or take at least one brisk 30-minute walk per day.


Akbash Dog Grooming Info

The Akbash does not require an extensive amount of grooming as some of the breeds do, but you will definitely need to brush them at least once a week, possibly even more frequently if your Akbash has a long coat.

The thick double coat of the Akbash Dog means that they do shed rather profusely, particularly in Spring and late summer, when the undercoat will come free in clumps. Be ready for an extensive brushing until they are finished blowing their coats, then everything will return to normal.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the Akbash’s folded ears, watching them for sign of redness or infection. Gently clean their ears once a week, in order to remove dirt and wax buildup. This should be done with a Q-tip and only clean the outer parts of the ear – never stick anything down into the ear canal.


Akbash Dog Training Info

Despite being a fairly independent breed, the Akbash dog responds relatively well to training and enjoys the one-on-one time with his humans. When training an Akbash dog, it’s important to start young as these magnificent white dogs grow very quickly, and you’re apt to find yourself with a 100 pound baby who doesn’t know basic obedience if you don’t. For this reason, it’s highly recommended the you start your Akbash puppy in puppy obedience courses right off the bat. Then, throughout your Akbash dog’s life, it’s very important to maintain consistency and continue to make lessons short and interesting. Mixed with positive reinforcement, your Akbash dog is sure to be more cooperative and eager to please.


Akbash Dog Health Info

The Akbash dog is surprisingly healthy for such an ancient breed. Luckily, they seem less inclined to some of the conditions that are often found in other large breed dogs. Two conditions that are seen fairly commonly, however, are hip dysplasia and Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD). Some dogs are also prone to Epilepsy and, due to the dog’s preference for a fairly sedentary lifestyle and the human tendency to feed large amounts of food to large breed dogs, they can often easily grow obese. Daily exercise will help to keep your Akbash dog fit and trim.


Akbash Dog Right Breed Info

While said to be an outstanding companion animal, as well as a loyal tender of the shepherd’s flock, the Akbash dog is not for everyone. Despite his preference for lazing about, these large dogs still require a fair amount of room and are not well suited for apartment living. Additionally, a minimum of one brisk 30 minute walk, per day, is essential for the health of these magnificent canines.

If you’re looking for a dog that won’t shed, the Akbash’s thick white coat this certainly not for you. Shedding profusely during the spring and late summer, these dogs do require a minimum of one weekly brushing.

However, if you can look past the fur, you may find that these highly intelligent and loving white dogs are the perfect pets for you!

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