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List of reputable Goldendoodle dog breeders offering puppies for sale to approved families.

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Directory of Reputable Goldendoodle Breeders

If you are looking for a healthy, home raised Goldendoodle puppy from a responsible Goldendoodle breeder, you have come to the right web site. Our Goldendoodle Breeders Directory showcases reputable breeders of Goldendoodle dogs and puppies.

We are gravely concerned about the growing number of puppy mills in the US, Canada, the UK and internationally. Our mandate is to provide advertising ONLY to breeders who meet our guidelines for responsible dog breeders.

Each Goldendoodle breeder showcased above has provided us with details of their breeding practices, and references attesting to their being a caring, responsible breeder.

While we have pre-screened the Goldendoodle breeders listed below, we have not physically inspected their premises. Be sure to read our disclaimer before making contact. Our informative article “How to Recognize a Caring, Responsible Dog Breeder” can help you in your quest to find the perfect Goldendoodle puppy from a breeder you can trust.

Visit our Goldendoodle dog breed information guide if you want to learn more about Goldendoodle Dogs before you begin the process of locating a breeder.