Wolf Hybrid Dog Breed Information Guide


Wolf Hybrid Dog Breed Information Guide

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Wolf Hybrid dog breed information profile includes history, appearance, size, temperament, lifespan, health, training of Wolf Hybrid dogs and puppies.

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All About Wolfdogs

wolf hybrid dog breed photoIf you’re hearing the call of the wild in your search for the dog breed of your dreams, you may want to consider the Wolf Hybrid dog or Wolfdog. This is a designer dog breed that is the product of crossing a variety of northern dog breeds with wolves, producing a healthy and exotic dog that combines the best of both the wild and the tame.

Wolf Hybrid dogs are not for everyone. In fact, these dogs should only be owned by highly responsible, experienced dog lovers with the environment, resources and knowledge to care for this very special type of dog.

Wolf Hybrid Dog History

There are a number of sub-species of wolves which are selectively bred with other dog breeds as pets, including Arctic Tundra Wolves, Alaskan Interior Wolves, British Columbian Timber Wolves, and Eastern Timber Wolves. Wolf Hybrid Dogs are beautiful animals that possess an extremely high level of intelligence. With the right care, training and environment, wolves make loyal, loving pets who are very devoted to their human families.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Appearance

Being a mixed dog breed or hybrid breed, Wolfdogs can appear very wolf-like, or have more of the characteristics of the breed that was mixed with the Wolf, so Wolfdog appearance can vary greatly from dog to dog, and litter to litter. The type of wolf that was added to the mix also helps determine size, color and shape.

Generally, Wolf Hybrid Dogs are large, and have a thick, double coat that sheds twice yearly.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Temperament

Being pack animals, Wolf Hybrid dogs tend to do poorly unless they have a friend. It is recommended that they be kept either in pairs, or with a dog as a companion. There are no special requirements for veterinary care, as Wolf dogs are very hearty and healthy animals. A rabies shot, regular worming, and a heartworm prevention, and regular vaccinations are normally all that is required. They can live to be 15, 16, 17 years and older if taken care of.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Exercise Info

Wolf Dogs develop a strong bond to their owners, but require a lot of attention and exercise. They drink a lot of water, and most like a wading pool in their containment area. Wolf Hybrid dogs develop an intense love for their human family. Wolf Dogs must have a containment area, they cannot be allowed to run unsupervised. This is for the Wolf Hybrid dogs’ protection. They need a large pen, at least 30×30 8-10 feet tall, and in some cases, a cattle shocker fence is needed.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Grooming Info

Get acquainted with your brush, because you are going to need it! The Wolfdog has a thick, double coat that sheds profusely twice a year during what is called “blowing”. This is a seasonal function of the coat, growing thick during winter months to keep the dog warm during cold weather, then shedding in the warmer months to help the dog stay cool. During these times, your Wolfdog will need to be brushed extensively to get rid of teeming bundles of soft, fluffy undercoat. Usually you will need what is called a shedding rake, which does a nice job of removing the most fluff with the least amount of effort.

If you are a fastidious person who hates the thought of dog hair in your home, the Wolfdog is not a good choice for you – unless you are willing to give up your lofty ideas about housekeeping. However, if you don’t mind running the vaccuum a couple times a week and giving your dog a good weekly brushing, you and your Wolfdog will get along just fine.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Training Info

To make a compatible friend, Wolf Dogs must be taken early and hand raised by their new owner. Wolf babies grow much faster than dog puppies, but mentally they mature slow, not reaching full maturity until around three years of age. Wolf Hybrid dogs need to be fed a soy-free dog food, as they cannot properly digest soy. Wolf Dogs are very smart. Their brains are documented as being 20% larger than a dogs’ brain. They are highly intelligent and learn very fast. Wolf Hybrid Dogs are very strong animals with high endurance levels.

Wolf Hybrid Dog Health Info

As a hybrid dog breed, Wolfdogs tend to be healthier than their purebred counterparts (something which is called “hybrid vigor”. However, Wolf Hybrid dogs can be susceptible to any inherited diseases found in the parent dog breed, including hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis, eye problems, and epilepsy. Choosing a reputable breeder who carefully screens their breeding dogs for health issues will help reduce the chance of acquiring a puppy with health problems.

Is a Wolfdog the Right Choice For You?

wolf dog and girlWolf dogs aren’t for everyone, but with careful planning, the proper care and containment and lots of love, they make a wonderful friend. Wolf dogs are versatile, and can adapt to hot or cold climates. Wolf dogs are usually shy of strangers, but loyal and loving animals with those they feel comfortable with.

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